07 november 2002.543 pm

i cant drive my car in the rain because if someone spits on the ground my car will start hydroplaning, so if water is gushing out of the sky the tires have no traction whatsoever, turning the tercel into an unstoppable egg shaped death machine with me at the wheel, embarassed because when i try to use the brakes it makes this


screaming noise and, when the brakes actually manage to stop the car, its always at least 2 feet beyond my projected stopping point, causing all the other motorists to think either 1. my car sucks or 2. i suck at driving, both of which are true but im usually better at hiding those facts, either way, i hate them all.

also i'm mad because last night i thought i rolled up my car windows, which was actually a giant lie from my memory since the driver's side window was about two inches down, and the rain somehow soaked everything on my side, but you couldnt tell it was wet until you had sat on it for ten minutes and your ass was completely wet. and by your ass, i mean mine. DAMMIT.