13 february 2003.1009am

i am S I C K for no reason. doing [day and ny] quil shots every six hours is NOT my idea of a good time.

i have a dentist appointment today that i tried to cancel, since, you know, i thought it would be gracious of me to not bring my sickly, germ ridden mouth into their office just so they can clean my teeth, but the receptionist said it was okay. how disgusting. if i made my living by sticking my hands in other people's mouths, i sure as fuck wouldnt jump at the chance to poke around in a mucus-y infectious orifice.

this is my satanic dentist with the large eyebrows who always sports black doctor scrubs; i never trusted him anyway. the dentist probably wont even clean my teeth, it'll be the hygenist. he's probably too busy stealing my soul, and eating a baby, and whatever else it is that satanists do, to even bother looking at my teeth.

i also have an ear infection, i think. its like a little extra "fuck you, ashley." great.