14 april 2005.1235 am

things i am going to do this summer:

1. work hella. possibly two jobs.

2. stay in santa cruz for a week [+/-] with cody and chris. agenda:

a. smoke pot
b. listen to the ramones
c. smoking pot at the beach while listening to the ramones
d. watching tv
e. making food

3. stay in hollywood for a week [+/-] with caridad. agenda:

a. thrift stores
b. secretly following weird/ugly/scary people around
c. drinking heavily and watching "a current affair"
d. listening to "pretty hate machine" and dancing
e. watching "a league of their own" and crying

any other suggestions? i'm hoping SUMMER 2K5 is a good one. if its not i'm getting a shotgun and taking up hunting... HUMAN HUNTING.