1 june 2003.1241pm

i just woke up from a dream where i was with cody and we were in what appeared to be a portable classroom, watching what could have possibly been The Greatest Band Ever. it was a MR MISTER cover band that was made up of two girls, one sitting on the ground playing a casio keyboard and one singing, BUT what made it PHENOMENAL is that the other member of their band was a bright green african parrot that played one of those tiny pianos [you know, like the tiny piano in the outkast video for "the whole world"] with his beak. there were other parts of the dream, including but not limited to: riding a toboggan down the street, lesbians borrowing my pants, and driving a golf cart everywhere.

i have counted eleven mosquito bites on my arms and legs = i have west nile virus and im going to die soon. it probably explains the weird dreams. and HEY this is different than a month or so ago, when i had a cold and i was hallucinating and it must have been sars.


bewarethemothman : you and lindsay write so many things about me on the internet that make me sound gay

backtothefuschia : its because we love you and want you to meet a nice man and settle down

backtothefuschia : its time for you to sew your wild oats, cody

bewarethemothman : oh thanks

for the record: cody = not gay.