26 June 2003.207 pm

last night we went dumpster diving in santa cruz because we're all fucking broke and cant afford legitimate art supplies, and i found somebody's prison diaries. theyre written on prisoner request forms and bound with strips of bedsheets and theyre full of letters to "gentlest reader," and they write about how they have faith in their "black lord jesus christ" and there are lots of peoms with titles like "from the whitest pride to the blackest shame." im not going to question why there were prison diaries from san quentin in a dumpster in the business district in santa cruz. im just going to bask in my good luck.

another thing im not going to question is the fact that my entire house smells like blueberry muffins. there are no muffins being made, or even any muffins in the house! again, my good fortune.

also, cody got "shaq-fu" for my sega genesis. the basic plot of the game is you are shaq, and you go around kicking ass. except that it was kind of hard and the only move we mastered was bending down and punching the opponent in the crotch. overall the game was "shaq-tastic" and left us both "shaq-isfied."

"shaq-isfied"... totally not funny.