03 march 2005.1219 am


1. space needle

2. rain. it was august, and it was raining. cliché to the max.

3. there are signs really similar to this one posted everywhere you would even think about maybe parking your car sometime. hint: check alleyways for sketchy parking lots.

4. betsy's apartment building. cody and i slept on the living room floor for a couple nights.

5. me.

6. cody.

7. me and cody had to smoke pot outside, which we did hourly, because there wasnt anything else to do in seattle.

8. betsy. i knew betsy through the internet only, but when we showed up on her doorstep, sweaty, tired, and with a giant cooler full of PROPEL FITNESS WATER, she let us in and bought us dinner. in return, our dirty clothes and bags of crap from thrift stores were strewn all over her living room for two days and we peer pressured her into getting stoned. also i was on the rag and used about 7000x more toilet paper than i normally would. i <3 u betsy!

9. when we got there betsy's sexy middle aged neighbor was grilling weiners in her front yard, and by "front yard," i mean "patch of grass seperating her front steps from the sidewalk." she rules, really hard. obviously.

10. weiner for grilling.

11. grill for weiners.

NOT PICTURED: smoking in restaurants, eddie vedder, overabundance of gothic people