12 december 2001.9:50 a.m.

it is in the afternoon, and i am in the grocery store, buying a modest amount of groceries, and i have decided that the lady helping me was kind of strange. i want a donut, but in that store you have to preorder the donut and it will be delivered to your house. i order my donut and goback to the checkout line, where i pay with my credit card. i have a ridiculous amount of trouble signing the receipt, and when i finally finish the checkout lady is gone.

i walk home and find her sitting in my kitchen, so i give her the receipt and she tells me to go outside and get my donut because it has been delivered already. i go outside (and i presume she leaves), and there is actually a lot of food all over the front lawn and in the trees, but it doesn't look quite right. i grab a large pointed stick and jab at the various breads and pastries, and they are all covered with a thin layer of cobwebs and, upon poking the stick all the way in one, there are spiderwebs and spider eggs inside. there is a lot of food/spider egg sacs in the peach tree, so i begin throwing rocks and hitting the tree with my stick. stuff rains down and leaves a clown/scarecrow head and upper body in the tree. all of a sudden, it's nighttime, and i'm scared because the thing in the tree is staring back at me and beginning to talk.

frightened, i run into my house, where all the lights are off. i run through the small house turning the lights back on when i get to my parents' room, and i see someone darting behind the bed. it's the lady from the grocery store. she never left my house, and now she kind of looks like my mom. i scream at her and she grabs a large pointed stick, similar to the one i have in my hands, and tries to kill me.

and then i woke up.