25 december 2003.1238 am

WHAT I ASKED SANTA FOR: a new apple computer.

WHAT I RECEIVED: not a computer, nor anything even remotely computer related. the most technical thing i got was a dreidel that flashes red lights and plays "the dreidel song" when you spin it.

im always rather astounded at the complete lack of consideration [or perhaps its their utter misconception of my character and personality, either way] that my parents seem to put into my gifts. i know its "the thought that counts," but when you apply little to no rational thought into buying a present, that cliche is void. although i will admit the dreidel was a fantastic gift. that was funny.

i am a fairly easy person to shop for, the things i like are [usually] clearly well-defined... which is why i'm confused when my mother buys me embroidered muslin shirts with bell sleeves, or polar fleece track pants.

do i sound ungrateful? i probably am. oh well.

merry freakin christmas, everyone.