12 july 2003.819pm

ah, i have nothing to say since over the course of the past two weeks i have turned into The Most Boring Person In Creation, so here is an extremely long entry that contains an email my friend matt got and forwarded to me. if its too long for you to read, i recommend skipping down to the bottom and looking at the pictures, and that should hold your attention for the usual 30 seconds before you find something else to do, you attention deficit disorderly chump. you wonder why we all hate you.


Hello my new friend!

I was very glad to receive your letter, I have chosen you because I see you the person kind and there can be fair and cultural with me, therefore here in Russia many uncivilized people. I'm very new in this type of correspondence and that's why I would like to ask you to excuse me for some probable mistakes, but I hope that through our correspondence we will get to know each other well and, maybe, find love. I hope. In fact I never used the Internet earlier to get acquainted with the person, But I have girlfriend who lives now in Poland, her name is Marina, and she has got acquainted with the husband through the Internet, and at it now all is good, she 2 children of the boy 2 years, and the girl of 5 years. And it she has advised me to take advantage of this service. When she comes, I even envy it a little, and I am glad for it..

Now little more about me.

My name is Tania and I live in Russia. In the city of Krasnodar, which to be near to coast of Black sea. Have you ever been here? What do you know about my country? I do not know about your country a lot. I was in USA, but it was long ago, when I was so small, I could not remember all beauty of this marvelous trip. I live with mum and the daddy in a country small house. I most of all like to eat with fruit, but to prepare I love much. The most favourite dish which I like to prepare for it true Uzbek plov, I still shall write to you about it. From books I very much am pleasant like now Barbara Kartlend, at it very interesting novels about love. From historical I like Dostoevsky's creativity. The most favourite "the Crime and punishment", " Netochka Nezvanova".

My height now 171ni

Weight 59ea

Volume of a waist of 64 sm

Volume of a breast of 93 sm

Volume of hips of 94 sm

Type of a body - sports

I was born on May, 25 1977

I work tutor in a kindergarten already almost 2 years, the ambassador to the termination of university. There was no work on my speciality, and I have gone to work in a kindergarten, and this work very strongly is pleasant to me, because I very much love children, and I work with children. I above all want to have children, in fact to me already 26 years 2 days ago were executed, and I was not married yet. I very much want to bring up children, let even they will be not from me, it not the most important, main, to love the child, to give it all heat which is at you, and to live only for him, in fact children are the finest, from all fine, that is on the ground. I already spoke you, that I work with children, and I sometimes do not want to leave work, because I think, that these all children - my children. Very much frequently it happens so, that I take away home any child when his parents ask me. To tell the truth, they to me pay for it of money, but I do it not because of money, and to the beginning, I did not take money, but then I was persuaded by parents, they have told that him so it will be easier, because it is inconvenient for them to ask, when I do not take money. But it very much to like me, and any child goes with me and does not cry. Actually I already have constant children whom I take. I can understand their parents, in fact they sometimes have affairs and they too would like to have a rest. I most of all like to take children on the days off, I so get used to them, that I think, that it is my children. And the less child, the me is more pleasant to spend time with it. If it is fair, I wanted to adopt the child, or to make to myself artificial fertilisation. But I yet have not decided that better. I love my job because i love children. I have learn English in a special school-gymnasium.. I have a lot of hobbies. I like reading, listening to the music, dances, playing tennis, planting flowers. I like dogs very much!

As for my character I'm very easy-going, kind, reliable and frank, I despising lie and betraying. I want to create my family and meet a loving, caring man who will love me and whom I will love too. Let's begin our correspondence and find out if we are made for each other.I want to be honest with you... I am very serious person and I am not looking for a pen-pal. I need a faithful, devoted to me man which want to become my husband, friend and beloved. I would like to know more about you, Do you live alone? Tell me more about your life and work. Iím really interested! And I want us become friends! If you interested in knowing me better please ask what would you like to know. I will answer honestly. Iím waiting for your email with your more photos. I wish you good day!

I will wait for your reply,


Postscript: Together with this letter I send you the photos, I hope they to you will like.