20 september 2004.1044 am

i am at school, where i have finshed my third project in flash: a slideshow! make pictures fade into each other! make the text fly in! i'm pretty sure all the other people in the class are making slideshows of pictures of their children, or sunsets, because they are all normal middle aged people who want to be web designers [except for the woman who loves johnny depp, but only dressed as a pirate. she is not normal]. since i am the token liberal arts major taking this class for the sole reason that i want to make a stupid flash movie thats as famous as "badger badger mushroom", i'm pretty sure everyone hates me. my slideshow is all pictures of ronnie james dio. case in point.

the dio slideshow was actually inspired by when i got in my car after last week's class: i turned on the radio and it was the opening riff to "rainbow in the dark." it turned out to be the high point of my day, which is pretty on par for how my life has been going lately.

and those of you who are meticulous stalkers will question the radio business. its fairly well known that i don't have a car stereo, i have an old tapeplayer i leave in my car. well. it's true folks. no, i didnt get a "real" car stereo installed. the tape player in my car boombox stopped working, so now i drive around and listen to the RADIO on a BOOMBOX in my ALREADY SHITTY CAR. my life r00lz.

please send me money. and if you're willing to let me sleep on your couch for a night or two let me know. i need some new adventures.