01 september 2003.1147 pm

this weekend was another one spent with cody while we drove around in my dad's van. this is my dad's totally sweet van:

fuck, youre soooo jealous right now!

and if there was any doubt of its existence, here is the closeup of the grateful dead sticker on the passenger side window:

we drove it to santa cruz and did the most popular thing to do in a 1970s VW van - pick up your friends, take it to the beach, and smoke pot in it. and then later we did the 2nd most popular thing to do when you have a 1970s VW van in santa cruz - accidentally yank the sliding side door off its track, and then fix it while youre totally stoned. this involved only a minimal amount of, "no, dude, wait, i think i can punch it back into place!"

upon returning from santa cruz, we raced to savers [aka "value village"] [which has television commercials now apparently?] before it closed, found nothing, took a walk around the corner where theres always a giant pile of treasure thats very well disguised as garbage, and found a plastic hunting knife [a "shank"] and this typewriter:

that typewriter is made out of cast iron and/or lead, or something, because that magnificent bastard weighs 7000 pounds. also, i think its safe to assume that my new typewriter is haunted, because if any of those children's shows ["goosebumps," "are you afraid of the dark"] have taught me anything, its that old typewriters are possessed by evil ghosts. ill know if its haunted if after i write a story on it, it comes true in an evil way.

the same rule also applies to old cameras, i think.