08 august 2004.10:50pm

i am back from my road trip, which was a wonderful experiment in which i proved that i can spend over 10 days in the constant company of another person without going crazy. of course, the other person was cody so it almost doesnt count.


PORTLAND OR: there are a lot of attractive people in oregon ["hot oregon babes"] possibly because there's a lot more fat people once you get out of california. oregon is also amazingly clean; i'm used to seeing garbage cluttering the streets.

OLYMPIA WA: olympia is santa cruz, but smaller and in washington. there really isnt much difference. oh also you can smoke inside restaurants, which is like a mindblowing fantasyland compared to the Health Gestapo in california, who recently decreed that you can only smoke in your house in the bathroom with a paper bag over your head, and afterwards you have to flog yourself. it was a nice change of pace.

SEATTLE WA: seattle has a lot of gothic people and nowhere to park.

MEDFORD OR: for some reason we spent a lot of time in medford, probably because their travelodge is within walking distance of a dairy queen.

we drove almost 2000 miles altogether. i took exactly four pictures. i will post them later.