12 september 2002.1114 pm

today in sociology class, i sat around and did nothing, because there was a discussion concerning whether or not jewish people own the media. I GO TO COLLEGE WITH A BUNCH OF FOOLS. also, there was this sweet exchange:

some stupid girl: "so do you think we should go over and bomb the hell out of countries because they MIGHT be plotting against us?"

some guy who i normally would never agree with in anything, but anyone who opposes the "jews control the newspapers" girl is a-ok in my book: "yes, if that's what it takes."

stupid girl: "then should we go over and bomb germany, and japan, because they bombed us in world war two?"

me, backed up with every other person in the class whose brain was currently functioning at a fourth grade level, which was roughly 5 other people : "WE DID BOMB THEM!! DID YOU NOT FINISH WWII IN YOUR HISTORY CLASS? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

true story. people are idiots.