30 June 2006.817am

my absolute new favorite tv show is PANTS OFF DANCE OFF. its people dancing/stripping in front of top 40 [occasionally older] music videos. they stop just short of nudity BUT you can go online and see them naked, BUT i have never done this because i am lazy and its enjoyable enough to see people jiggle in their undies. its not young attractive people dancing either; there's all sorts of folks getting naked on television/the internet for a $200 prize.
it's hosted by myspace superstar tila tequila

who i now fully endorse, especially since when the dancers dont get naked fast enough tila's disembodied head floats on the side of the screen and tells them to hurry their asses up. she's saying what we're all thinking!
the only bummer is that it's impossible to watch because its on fuse. i orginally thought fuse was canadian [sorry, canucks] but i think its just a music channel that's attempting to compete with mtv, where in reality its competing with mtv2. judging by their reaction of total joy from PANTS OFF DANCE OFF being named the dumbest show on television, theyre probably run by stoners and delinquents, which hella makes me want a job developing programs for them.
and if this isnt enough to make you watch it, its been announced that STEPHANIE TANNER
is going to be hosting soon!!! hopefully she shares duties with tila, but i am looking forward to how stephanie tanner's disembodied head will handle people not getting their pants off fast enough, particularly since she recently stopped using crystal meth and that shit will fuck you up.

i should update this shit more often right?