13 february 2004.950 am

i got an email delivered to my bulk folder [or if we want to be naughty we can call it a "spam box"] for something like refillable cartridges for my printer, or fast home loans, or hot drunk naked teens, whatever. but this was at the bottom of the email:

oasis passerby zesty boyle cereal grandfather urethane disquietude captain matinee cottage choirmaster prexy gustave bedraggle bless strident alcohol bedrock corrosion frankfurt auschwitz harpoon benny splendid bowdoin handicraftsman zazen abscissa diffract terrific cravat acquit conjure brandeis cordite cartwheel locke statler donna keep horton cavemen cotangent scrub vulgar cottonseed bream stuttgart lump adjourn whet stalactite yearn assign blast insipid grocery namesake directrices cathode stubborn throb az camelot hobby biography brittany pitilessly bankrupt lank creating gabon seismology hit tern aristocrat countrify bedbug always interior diffractometer purcell homonym bovine laurie repetitive livre buchenwald vertical metalliferous part pertinent invincible sagittarius spasm mayo ambuscade pedantic dingy drugging hindu circumlocution hereabout recession straddle dobson downright carbonium bad foothill blastula with nepal course beethoven squabble cost vatican beg! onia yardstick dextrous cameo municipal mummy kid stimulant


i think its a secret message, possibly about nazis. or perhaps a voodoo curse.