19 january 2003.12:33 pm

oh SHIT. my pimp n ho party tore the phone book in HALF. my solid proof for this is i now have a CHIPPED FRONT TOOTH and i dont even remember when it happened. i vaguely remember drinking boxed wine and beer and smoking 7000 cigarettes, and at some point this boy that i renamed "little morrissey" and i were poking cody in the balls when he was laying on the couch. nothing that would cause PIECES OF MY TEETH TO FALL OFF, THATS FOR DAMN SURE.

i did, however, tell cody to go gay and marry little morrissey because we need to keep him in the family. even if neither of them are homosexuals, it would be beautiful. they were booty dancing with each other for a while. BEAUTIFUL.

and then to balance this all out, yesterday i went to go visit my grandparents and ate dinner with them at 4pm, after which i read reader's digest and fell asleep on their couch.

i'd like the weekend to be over now, so i can go to the dentist. im not into this weird hillbilly-esque look.

oh life.