24 july 2003.530 pm

last week, i was searching around for the perfect housewarming gift for my friend chris. chris is possibly the mellowest person on the face of the earth, and his interests include jesus, weed, being korean, and working the most awesome pickup lines ever, so obviously he's really easy to buy presents for. i was in a thrift store and i found a copy of the penis book, and i thought chris would like it [lots of pictures, not a lot of text, male genitalia is the funniest thing ever] so i bought it without really looking through it.

when i got home, i sat down and started to read it [if ive ever bought you a book as a present, theres an excellent chance i read it cover to cover before i gave it to you, because im totally that kind of person], but before i even hit the first penis picture i found that someone had written an inscription for when they gave it as a christmas present. HOWEVER [and this is the part in the story where you realise that my life functions much, much more differently than yours, and crazy lucky things always happen to me], the inscription said this:

if you cant read that, it says: "Dear Chris - There must be something in this book you didn't already know! I will miss my workouts with you - the gym will never be the same for me. Love, Oakley" i would like to stress that i DIDNT write that and i found it AFTER i had already bought it for chris. also, the "oakley" sort of looks like "ashley."