06 february 2004.1054 am

things my fashion teacher does that are unintentionally sexual and suggestive, which make me nervous because she's older than my mother:

*she was lecturing about buying fabric and what fibers are good, and she said "i like to go into the store and really get a feel for the fabric, drape it over myself, see how it falls, see how it feels against my bare skin."

*when we were discussing our first project, tshirts, she was explaining how to convert the basic tshirt pattern into a nightshirt of various lengths, and she mentioned "sometimes you need a short nightshirt, that shows off your crotch."

*someone asked a question pertaining to drop sleeves and fit, and she was explaing how you can change patterns to better fit the body, and to illustrate this she made an "o" shape with her right thumb and index finger and moved it up and down on her left index finger. i was under the impression that this was the international sign for penetration.

i totally did that look around the room, the "am i alone or did anyone else see that," look, but i didnt catch anyone else's eye.