25 March 2002.4:46 p.m.

i purchased a talking master p doll (distributed by no limit toys) for $5.99. he comes complete with hat, dark shades and bling, and when you press his stomach, he says "uhhhhhh" (extremely long pause. too long) "na na na na". it was pointed out to me that he sounds much more like snoop dogg than master p. whatever. now jay-z needs to come out with his own doll.

at the same place where i purchased the master p doll, i found this little pink trash can with cartoon japanese girls, flowers and polka dots on it. it was really cutesy and all, but in bold letters on the side it said "SODOMI". it was really amazing. i probably should have bought it, but i have about thirty dollars to my name until my student loan comes through.


i went to see atom and his package on sunday night, and my current dreamboy was there. he's so hot. i want to rub his tummy for good luck. note to self: start talking to him instead of waving, smiling, staring, and bumping into him.