01 January 2005.351 am


1. fix my bike and start riding it, and by "fix" i mean "spraypaint it gold," and by "riding it" i mean "go around the block a couple times a week for about a month or until i fall really hard and just totally eat shit in front of other people, probably those shitheads who live at the end of the block and listen to linkin park all day long and make disgusting sexual comments directed at me whenever they see me, fuck"

2. learn how to do the hustle

3. meet at least one person off my list

4. harrass becky until she agrees to be my "life partner"

5. party with caridad, and by "party" i mean "thrift shopping and dumpster diving, maybe score some drugs and have some awkward 'encounters' late at night, no really what else is there to do in hollywood"

6. make a dress that either a. looks like ricki lake's dress in "hairspray" or b. is made out of the last supper tapestry cody stole from savers in san jose

7. make movie with cody from screenplay i wrote in high school [its really obvious that when i was 17 i thought new german cinema and cigarettes were the coolest things ever][the fact that i still kinda do is irrelevant, thanks]

8. find a store near me that sells parliament ultralights, because 2k5 is all about HEALTH

no, actually, 2k5 is going to be about NO BULLSHIT. or at least, SIGNIFICANTLY LESS BULLSHIT.

9. eat more skittles. BEST CANDY EVER

p.s. extra special bonus feature!