22 July 2001.826pm

i've been having extremely weird dreams lately, which i like to attribute to both eating dinner at midnight and watching weird movies at 3 am.

the best ones so far:

1. i was spending the night at either a homeless shelter or a youth hostel. there was this creepy man that kept bothering me, so my dad killed him by setting him on fire and suffocating him with a pillow. you would think the pillow would be superfluous, but believe you me, it was neccessary.

2. it was graduation day. well, not really, we just had to graduate again because some parents still wanted to take pictures (???). oh, and there were only about 14 of us there. either way, we were on these bleachers that were on this cliff on a beach. below the bleachers was this condo - type structure. the condo caught on fire (i don't know why fire is in all these dreams) so instead of filing out like we did when we actually graduated, we had to scramble down this cliff. it was really slippery, and if you fell in the water, you died. i managed to make it down the cliff and onto the beach where the parents were. all the parents were upset because we left the bleachers too early. we tried to explain about the fire, but they didn't care. then somebody's mom gave us beef jerky, string cheese, and sticks of chocolate that looked like string cheese.

yeah, i dunno either.