01 April 2003.826pm

all i ve wanted to do for the past three days is sit around in my tshirt and underwear and read books. but no. i have to put on a skirt [or, in a rare scenario, pants] and go do stuff. my dreams are simple, why cant i live them out?

in other, somewhat similar news, my father has purchased a corvette. i believe this to be the zenith of his midlife crisis. i asked him if it was very zen-buddhist of him to buy an expensive sportscar, and he told me to shut up and maybe he'll let me drive the car after he's dead. and you wondered where my charm came from. p.s. dont leave me any jokes about how my dad should drive around and listen to prince, because i already thought of that. thanks.

if i dont ever write in this again, its because the evil simian lamp my mom bought came to life and murdered me. that thing haunts me in my dreams. fyi.