12 March 2002.7:31 p.m.

1. during le tigre's set, this large girl was dancing behind me. it was packed, so i couldn't get away from her crazy motions. i felt completely violated. i almost lost my underwear (if you've ever gone to a concert, worn a skirt and got stuck in the front, where everyone is pushing and shoving, you totally know how you can lose your underwear) due to her enthusiastic gyrations against my back. i eventually managed to shove her away from me. later catherine told me she knew the girl from a party: apparently she's scottish and got really drunk and started yelling at catherine for mispronouncing something inconsequential and scottish. crazy drunk u.k. people.

2. we were standing at the front for the entire show, but as soon as le tigre starts playing this huge gothicky looking girl walks on the table barrier and plunks herself smack in the middle. she proceeded to yell obvious statements, remove a great deal of her clothing, and just piss off everybody around her. way to make it less fun for us all.

3. & 4. i stood next to an older man (late thirties, early forties) who seemed to be really into the music, and i don't think he was a parent of any of the performers; the boy standing behind me had this silly way of dancing that involved swinging his head back and forth, usually in my hair. both of these things unnerved me just a tad.