24 october 2002.241am

gordon: "shit, is this going in your lame emo diary?"

me: "duh."


i went to see melt banana with my friend gordon tonight.*

*i really dont know if you have any friends like gordon, so this cant mean as much to you as it does to me. gordon is one of those people who always has inconvenient bullshit happen to him roughly everyday, most of it not his fault whatsoever. its not devastating tragedies, its more stuff like he'll drive the wrong way down a one way street, or be the only one in the camping trip who gets hypothermia, or, like tonight, forget where the car is parked and walk around san francisco lost for over an hour. what should have taken us ten minutues took closer to seventy. but its not like i can get mad, because i expected it. because that stuff happens to him ALL THE TIME. i know when im around him something slightly annoying might happen; its the way his life works. i have crazy shit happen to me, and he has dumb shit happen to him. thats probably why we like each other. balance.

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