16 october 2003.1025 pm

#1 thing i am not looking forward to: the remake of the texas chainsaw massacre. hey everyone: remember when gus van sant remade "psycho" and it was HORRIBLE?? even though he didnt change one line of dialogue, it was still a tremendously crappy movie? NO APPARENTLY NO ONE REMEMBERS THAT, and so now jessica "im the slutty annoying daughter on 7th heaven" biel is in a remake of saw. creativity is dead. let us all pray.

#1 thing i am totally looking forward to: WORLD BEARD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2K3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg its the first time its ever been held in america. i just peed my pants a little bit. as of now im going with cody, ollie, and ollie's beard [!!!]. if i dont get to go to this there will be no reason for living anymore; as cody pointed out, this will be the greatest event of our lives thus far, with the exception of our births.

are you going? we should meet up. for reals.

next time: more thrift store pictures.