24 april 2004.1113 pm

so on monday i woke up at 1pm to a phone call from the private academy the kid im in charge of attends; he's sick. okay, i can deal with that. i pick him up and he seems all right until we get back to his house to find that no one has let the dogs, the huge, unruly dogs, out all day and theyve taken their revenge by systematically pooping all over the entire house. naturally, this makes the kid start vomiting again. i knew right then that it was going to be a long, bad week. and it was. this was, to put it mildly, NOT my week, and it was so bad that if i find out whose week it was, im going to beat the shit out of them for not sharing.

probably the worst thing that happened after the Great Bodily Waste Substances Evacuation Hour on monday was wednesday, when my brakes decided to go out two days before i had a scheduled appointment to take my car in. fear not, my friends, this did not stop me from doing my daily rounds, which included nannying, nannying while my car was SCREAMING AT ME for driving with almost no brakes. i am a bad person.

the best thing that happened to me was i got an original work of art from lindsay's litle sister:

martin luther king jr has never been so beautiful.

my 21st birthday is on may 11. who is sending me gifts????