26 june 2004.1030am

so i havent paid my cellphone bill in like ever, since i overdrew my bank account twice and i have no money for unimportant things like phone service. overdrawing my bank account was totally my fault but this overdraft protection bullshit is horrible, and when you go down to your local branch to try and get it taken off your account they treat you like you're the dumbest person ever. "what if you write a check and it bounces? we protect you from bounced checks." which is when i started screaming at them to go through my account history because the last check i wrote was in 2002 and the overdraft fees were from, of all things, buying shit i bought off ebay, and then i threw their WAMU coffee cup at them and it bounced off their face. "WHO IS PROTECTING YOU FROM THAT??" not really. but if i could do that without getting arrested, i would.

also this is the bank that gets robbed every ten minutes and one time a baby got locked in the vault. one of the times it was robbed, a policeman came to the house since i live about a block from the bank, and said someone reported that the robber ran down our street and have we seen any suspicious characters in the past 20 minutes? "i sure did," i said, "he was wearing a black and white striped tshirt and a black mask over his eyes, and was carrying a big sack with a dollar sign on it." not really. but if i could do that without getting arrested, i would.

it is early and hot and i am hungover. time for sleeping all day.