13 october 2002.943pm

i have a bunch of comic books left over from like 5th grade. some of them are actually worth something. i need money, so should i A. sell them on ebay or B. sell them to a comic book store?

i'm leaning more towards C. wear a lowcut shirt and flirt with the guy at the comic book store who is remarkably similar to the comic book guy from the simpsons, only longer hair, squintier eyes and more trashy tribal patterned rayon shirts, turning on all my charm that unfortunately attracts those star trek - theater kid - bad metal bands - magic: the gathering - pot smoking - battlestar galactica - really bad metal bands - dungeons & dragons types and thereby rendering him helpless to do anything besides empty the cash register directly into my purse.

of course, along with option C i'll have to 1. think of a polite excuse to why i cant go smoke weed in his mom's basement out of his new bong with him, 2. compose the perfect fake phone number/email address and 3. hope he doesnt remember me from three years ago when i declined the invitation to go smoke weed with him and gave him a fake phone number and email address.

what to do, what to do.