4 november 2002.814pm

backtothefuschia : ooh, and he's in a hardcore band

backtothefuschia : with another chubby boy

robotique coeur : you know what that means

robotique coeur : hardcore boy = hardcore sex = hardcore screams, baby

backtothefuschia : and with two of em, you know what that means:

backtothefuschia : screaming hardcore sex in stereo

robotique coeur : melodic hardcore sex screams

backtothefuschia : it will be like an ignite show, but less clothes and a lot more rubbin

robotique coeur : that's gross


today, on 280, my car was going 82 mph. this is equivalent to jesus curing the blind: a 1987 toyota tercel simply does not go that fast, but then all of a sudden i realised i was passing other cars, something i havent done, ever. sure, the whole car was shaking like an epileptic, but the point is i was going faster than 60, which is what my car is usually good for. maybe jesus was back there giving me a push.

or i was going downhill. whatever.