08 November 2004.935 pm

omg who missed me?
stuff that happened in the past two weeks while i was living "IRL":
1. i got deathly, deathly ill and spread it to all of my immediate family and cody [who is more or less immediate family]. it was so bad i was reduced to honking like a muppet in place of speaking, and i had to switch to parliament ultralights [which i decided are just regular parliaments with a huge filter]. but none of this mattered because i was most sick during halloween weekend, and that weekend totally ruled because
2. cody and i went to reno and saw ALICE COOPER'S HALLOWEEN MASQUERADE BASH FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!! not only was it totally free, but we were on ALICE COOPER'S GUEST LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we were totally stoked about getting to be backstage at a metal concert until we realised that instead of FREE DRUGS AND BOOZE alice cooper is way more into GOLFING WITH HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH ON VH1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was still totally awesome, and it made the 2nd halloween in a row that i was in nevada. nevada is weird. i couldnt live there but i love smoking in their restaurants.
3. i had a dream that everyone in australia believed that the one perfect world is located directly beneath australia in a cavern that is mostly a lake, and when i woke up i couldnt remember if that was actually true or not. which should prove i'm on too much medicine.
more updates more often, i promise.