10 august 2003.112 am

i got a job chauffeuring around a 14 year old kid. this doesnt sound substantial, but im making $15/hour, so in your face, former financial situation!!!!! no more scraping change together for gas money anymore for me!!

i spent some of my sweet sweet cash at the county fair on friday. food tastes so much better when its battered and fried and on a stick. i'm also sorry to say that some of the carnies were very uncarny-like. try harder next year, friends.

but the best thing i saw at the fair was this old carny man dancing to either the music that was played over the pa system or the cover band that was playing [the cover band had a really good name too, like "hot funky cheese" or "pink groove jelly" or something. we tried to get cody to mack on one of the backup singers, but she was sort of skanky. even for the county fair], i cant remember which one. and when i say "dancing," im talking mostly pelvic thrusts and hip rolling and other grossly lewd gestures that were all accentuated by a golf club... use your imagination, folks. mmmmmmmm.