01 june 2002.524 am

i finally saw the lowdown. and you know what? it was totally worth waiting for. they are now my number one reason for visiting santa cruz, besides my friends and streetlight records. except they played with this band called ni fi nife fight, in which the guitarist dressed up like [i think] a dolphin. it was this big grey padded outfit [it kind of looked like a couch] complete with a hood with the eyes and mouth cut out, and he had black circles around his eyes and mouth and was wearing a curly blond wig. he didn't sing, but he'd squeal in this high pitched voice, and sometimes he'd talk in the high pitched voice, and he always had a strange expression. needless to say, it's probably why i'm still up at f'ing 5am, fearing that the man-dolphin will haunt me in my dreams. scariest fucking band ever. if you think it sounds cute, you're wrong. case closed.