25 february 2005.310 pm

2 things you probably didnt know about me that pertain to celebrities:

1. i secretly really like courtney love. i have all of hole's cds and i follow all of her scandals religiously in the news. shes 7000 times better than nancy spungen and while britney spears is plummeting into severe depths of white trashiness as we speak, she'll never, ever hold up to courtney love.
exhibit A: courtney love looks like a deranged elderly clown all the time:

exhibit B: courtney love's breasts have corners:

also i dont think she killed kurt cobain but if she did, that makes her infinitely more interesting.

2. when i was about 14 i had an erotic dream [my first one ever] about michael mckean, specifically having sex with him on a couch. i didnt really understand the dream and it kind of bothered me, particularly because he's almost 40 years older than me and i was never that interested in "this is spinal tap." reflecting back on it now, i think [i HOPE] it was more about leonard "lenny" losnowski than mr mckean himself. but you know, whatever. its a good story.

in other news, i am going to hole up in my room and watch 'la dolce vita' all weekend, which isnt much different from last weekend, except last weekend i was watching 'happy gilmore' and my uterus wasnt shedding its lining at about 9 cups a day. which is more lowbrow?