1 december 2003.1119 am

my favorite new activity is driving up to ucsc campus late at night [since its closed to non-students after 8pm and there's security guards at all the entrances, make sure to bring someone with a student ID, or if you go in the west entrance, any sort of square shaped object, i.e. a graham cracker, because no one cares on the west side], with a bunch of garbage in the car, and littering all throughout campus, because by god if there's 2 things i hate, its ucsc and nature. so fuck them both. driving around a dark windy foresty campus while spastically throwing shit out the windows totally rules. next time im going to aim for students, particularly those of the hippie persuasion.

also i recently acquired an original painting by cody.

i can feel you being jealous....now.

new livejournal! this one will also be a sham, but with more pictures. GO NOW!!