3 september 2002.1202 am

okay, so:

  • man, what's up with people and keyboards? i like synth pop a lot, but i don't need everybody showing me their beats. slow down, guys.

  • why would anyone put tom green in anything when you can just as easily have andy dick? he's much funnier, and the studios can just pay him in cocaine.

  • "swimfan" comes out on friday. are you there? cause me and bork are. for reals.

  • morrissey on the 9th. and after that, i can die.

  • secretestcrush: i like horses but i'm afraid they'll step on my head and kill me.

    Morningdancer01: oh. Silly Ashley. They only step on your head if you lie down next to their hooves. And when they do, it only hurts until you die.

    secretestcrush: now i know why you were the valedictorian.