6 april 2003.110am

friday morning i drove to santa cruz with my sweet car stereo in full effect. and by "car stereo," i mean my broke-ass boombox operating on batteries, and by "full effect," i mean it was eating my tapes. it wont even play cds anymore, but it decided to start eating only select tapes, i.e. "walk among us" played, "hatful of hollow" didnt. so if youre driving along highway 1 and you find a broken smiths tape, i hurled it out the window in anger and frustration. sorry mozzy.

cody made me pick his ass up from school and then we kicked it old school stylee by driving around listening to bradleys band, lugosi, which [if you couldnt tell] was possibly the most awesome thing ever when i was 16. and then it turned into 94061 represent at the cube when both gordon's band [peyote calamity] and owen's band [casiotone for the painfully alone] played. inbetween sets i chain smoked while jenn drunkenly proclaimed her love for me. hugs were given. i also promised leia i would take a millinery class so i could make hats for our big heads that dont fit into cute 1940s hats.

and then, the next day, cody and i went to CRAZYTOWN! crazytown is the west side of santa cruz. everything there is so CRAZY!! everyone has a car parked on their lawn, and their houses are painted bizarre colors, and theres lots of dirty children running around, and the horticulture is different than anywhere else, and when you drive down the streets at 10 mph so you can look at everything, crazy people driving behind you shake their fists and honk. theyre so CRAZY!!!

and then i drove home and my nirvana [dont act like you dont like them] tape worked so i didnt have to throw it out the window.

and now im going to sleep for the next 13 hours. goodnight.