15 march 2003.405am

dear city of san francisco,

you should tear down some of your "historical buildings" so people can have a place to park that isnt 7000 miles away from their destination. parking garages are the wave of the future.

love, ashley.

dear live 105, the bay area's "modern rock" station,

thank you for promoting the streets concert to the point where it sells out before cody and i can buy tickets. that was awesome.

love, ashley.

dear tall fat boy wearing the green cardigan and nerd glasses at gilman,

at first i thought you might be one of those boys who cant grow any facial hair? but then i realised its just because youre 16 [maybe 17, tops] just like everybody else at gilman. but damn, you fine. call me in a few years when you turn legal and grow some muttonchops.

love, ashley.

dear longtime gilman boy crush [who is different from the previously mentioned boy],

omg did you lose weight? stop that!

love, ashley.

dear atom,

you played the best set ever tonight. i wish i was 17 again so i couldve enjoyed it. i <3 fat jew boys 4 lyfe.

love, ashley.

dear everyone else at gilman,

you all smell like cornchips and feet. and cheap wine. i hate you all.

love, ashley.


"man, i totally enjoyed seeing that crappy hardcore band. it was sort of just like, 'damn, there's something that i can never be a part of.' "

"…never be a part of again."


tonight was one of those nights that sucked and ruled simultaneously. mostly awesome though.