29 february 2004.11:55 pm

last monday when my life was turning into shit* my car refused to start in front of the very small private academy the child i nanny for attends. since i drive a car that is over 13 years old i have jumper cables at all times; however, these are of no use whatsoever if youre surrounded by yuppie pricks who cannot possibly take two minutes out of their hectic lifestyles to help you, since picking up their children from their outrageously expensive learning center is roughly the most quality time they have with their terribly neglected offspring all week. after asking 20 people, only one of whom was polite about saying "no i'm too busy taking my child to tutoring/lacrosse practice/sconemaking class/etc to help your life move one iota more smoothly," a french au pair helped me. she had been in america for exactly one week and wasnt exactly sure when her car was on or off. she was also wearing a shirt that said "69," which really accentuated her massive bosom. my point is, if i have ever said anything bad about the french, i am sorry. your women are polite and helpful and doing a wonderful job raising the wealthy youth of today. vive le france.

*don't worry, it got a lot better.