9 january 2003.1256am

i woke up at 5am to INTENSE ABDOMINAL PAIN, the same INTENSE ABDOMINAL PAIN i had last year that turned out to be a GIANT VICIOUS TUMOR. oh dear. and then i almost passed out in a thrift store. which i've also done before. THINGS NEED TO STOP BEING WRONG WITH ME.

i also discovered a massive bruise on the left side of my left breast. i took a picture of it because its one of the most magnificent bruises i've ever seen [if im wearing a white tshirt with no bra the bruise is clearly visible through the shirt]; however, i then realised that it means that i just took pictures of my tits. oh. dear.


remind me to stop buying sweaters and start buying something more useful, like pants. but really, im just going to end up buying a kimono. like this one. i cant wait until im old enough to be eccentric and cute and elderly so i could wear shit like that all the time. when is that, like 40, 50 years?