24 september 2003.1018 am

so i get up yesterday at 7am, go out to my car, and someone [im looking at you, teenage hooligans who hang out on my street] has stolen the boombox AND my cheeseburger cd holder out of my car. you know what i didnt need yesterday? THAT. i was angry, and then sad, and then completely relieved, because although they decided to take my 6 year old boombox [which has a cd that barely functions, a tape player that prefers to eat tapes rather than play them, and we're not going to discuss the radio] and a plush cheeseburger [it had 5 country music cds, le tigre's first album, and a top 40 mix cd], they didnt take any of my precious books, or my precious vintage sweaters, or my precious carton of parliament lights, or my precious wallet with cash and credit cards that was on the floor of my car... not a very thorough burglary, kids. but you cant really expect a whole lot from people who think it would be a really good idea to loot my car:

i love you car, but you look like youre worth about $300.

however, by now ive realised that my life is one of the most magical things ever, inasmuch as wonderful things have a tendency to throw themselves at me on a daily basis. so naturally i went shopping [because when youre female and depressed, shopping can make you feel really amazing] and i found this for $5:

i bought it without trying to see if it worked, because i knew it was going to work, such is my life. and yes, youre correct, it has no handle but rather a shoulder strap, so now my dreams of having a theme song play everytime i enter a room can be fully recognised.

.....i still dont have a cd player, though. so to right this mixed up world, you should steal a boombox with a cd player from someone who actually deserves to be burgled, and FedEx it to me.

in the meantime, it is the Smiths/Morrissey Pink Party Boombox Celebration Week in my car!! all mozzy, all the time!!! bring your own smiths/morrissey tape and get a free cigarette! i have tons.