18 september 2002.926 pm

woke up this morning [not my first option]

my favorite bra was broken [discontinued style]

almost missed the bus [public transportation WOE IS ME]

jalapeno cheese bagel was a TOTAL JOKE. [more jalapeno, more cheese, less bagel, thanks]

weird boy sits next to me doesnt say anything [i can feel your eyes boring holes in my shirt]

starts expelling advice on "women" to his friend [you are 17 years old whatyoudonotknow about EVERYTHING can fill a FREAKIN BARN let alone you knowing anything about girls you should be teaching your friend to grow facial hair since its obvious he's incapable of that shave off that pubic moustache CREEPY]

went home couldnt sleep [too hot]

been on computer ever since [survived 4 crashes]

see how the outside contradicts what's inside? [oh phoney, you do.]