13 July 2002.537 pm


1. i went to gilman. did not see foxyfine dreamboy, but saw eric, who is lots of fun, even though he's from new york and says "pop" instead of soda. we also have similar haircuts. if you ever meet him you should ask him to tell you the zeke story.

2. at my driving lesson on friday, the instructor, peter, made me drive him to his house. i sat in the car for 20 minutes and listened to big band music. he went inside and did things i didn't ask about. then i drove to menlo park to pick up a boy named "hugo". hugo was very tall and skinny and probably should have been named something more appropriate, like "wilmer". he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box.

hugo: "i haven't driven for about two months because i went to europe."

peter: "ah, whereabouts?"

hugo: "well, i went on a european vacation, so europe."

really? you don't say.