19 june 2002.1244 pm

19 june 2002 - 1244 pm

when i was going through my closet, making room for the $700 [according to my bank statement] worth of new crap aquired in the past two months, i found these pants that i had forgotten about. i bought them thinking they'd be cute capris, but they're clubbin pants. they're made of stretchy black material and they're really tight on my ass and hips. and the clincher is: they zip up in the back. oh, sure, hot topic tried to make them look "alternative", by adding pockets and making them ankle length and calling them "rockabilly pants", but i remember getting them in the mail and saying, "oh shit. i bought ho pants!"

i like them. a lot.


i read that in r kelly's sex tapes with the 14 year old girl, there was "urination", and i don't want to think about that any further than i already have. o r kelly, what hast thou done?