28 january 2002.11:42 p.m

at gilman, i saw several things that amused me. 1. a boy would grab his friend's butt, and then when his friend would turn around, the ass-grabber would point to me and lindsay as the culprits. by the end of the show his friend stopped turning around at the butt-touching, so he just ended up groping his friend. weirdo. 2. a dad was at gilman. i thought that was strange until the lead singer of bane (who looks like a pirate) started talking like a neo-hippie, and then i realised that the dad totally approved of everything bane stands for. "i'm 31 years old, and i'm still doing hardcore!" "everytime i get depressed, i just think about san francisco and how much i love you all!". neat. 3. lots of chubby hardcore boys were hugging each other, because that's what hardcore boys do. they love. i also saw the boy i have the hots for at gilman. i can't decide if he's getting uglier or he's just not as cute as i originally thought. he's such an ogre. it's great.