23 February 2002.11:57 p.m

1. alexis and joanna and i moved into an old house. alexis wanted to decorate it with these extremely ugly three-dimensional pictures of ducks. the rest of the house was very 1970's looking. there was a young girl, about 8 or 9, who refused to leave our house on the grounds that she saw the queen of england there and she wanted desperately to meet her. there was also an old man who lived either in or next door to our house, maybe he even lived in the garage, i'm not sure. he was very creepy. we also lived next door to an old movie theater. i worked the door and sold tickets there.

2. i had made plans and dates for next week, when i got a phone call telling me i had to go to japan. i didn't want to go and i had to call the people i made plans with and tell them i couldn't go anymore, because i had to go to japan. i was busy running around and buying japanese things in preperation for japan, when my mom told me she needed to talk to me, and then i woke up.

3. gordon had joined the army and was coming over to my house to either visit during one of his leaves or to say goodbye. we started talking and he suddenly keeled over and started spitting up blood. i was scared.