1 february 2003.1148am

last night i went to move my car, because i hadnt parked it in my driveway, and when i went outside it was NOT WHERE I LEFT IT. it had been moved about 200 feet down the street and the door was unlocked, and since my father, who is the only other person who has a key, was gone all day yesterday, i can only conclude that HOMELESS PEOPLE WERE TAKING MY CAR OUT FOR JOYRIDES, AND THEN SLEEPING IN IT. either hobos or the crazy neighbors, since i DID park it in front of their house.

any way, they didnt steal any of my precious precious treasures, i.e. the dirty linens in my trunk, waiting to go to the landromat; my robot clock that loses a few seconds every hour so i have to reset it once a week; or my copies of the orchid thief and memoirs of a geisha that i keep in my car, just in case. i dont have a stereo or anything, but because no-frills 1987 tercels want to remind you that you didnt get the stereo option when you were buying the car new, i do have big holes in the dash where the stereo can go.

why the f would anyone steal my car? shit, go 3 streets over, my neighbor has an escalade.