2 february 2003.152am

i just watched "how high" and i cannot believe that i neglected to go see this when it was in theaters. its a beautiful, beautiful film, in the same way that "crossroads," "glitter," and "bones" were all beautiful, beautiful films. i want my friends to smoke my skeleton ass after i die.


if youre wondering how my michael jackson book was, it was all sensational bullshit from tabloids. which means it was excellent. here is a favorite quote, from the "wackography" [you know, any biography can offer you a discography, but only quality journalism gives you a catalog of fucked up shit] in back:

Above Michael's headboard of his bed in Neverland, Michael has an oil painting depicting him in the center surrounded by five figures he considers his "equals." They are: the Mona Lisa, George Washington, Albert Einstein, E.T. and Abraham Lincoln. In the painting, Michael stands in a Napoleon pose in military drag and sport his signature sequined white glove and aviator shades - as do the other five figures, including E.T.

i love you, Wacko Jacko.