27 march 2004.1250 pm

a black man that i love:

little richard. i was watching a rerun of "full house" where little richard was the guest star and i nearly peed my pants, little richard was so funny. if little richard doesn't like what's he's hearing, little richard will tell you to shut up. little richard has ties with more sequins on them than you could even imagine. when i get married, i want little richard to preside over the ceremony since little richard is an ordained minister. little richard has a totally sweet pencil thin moustache. the best part is, little richard loves us all back:

a black man that i hate:

wayne brady. who likes wayne brady? my guess is old white people. the only thing i've ever seen wayne brady on "whose line is it anyway?" which is an american remake of a british show that was lame to begin with. wayne brady is also in a commercial for something, butter possibly? wayne brady sings in it. if theres one thing i hate more than wayne brady talking, its wayne brady singing. i hd a dream one time that i got to meet a celebrity, but then i only got to meet wayne brady and i was very angry, even after i woke up. wayne brady may very well be a great person outside of the lame public image, but i dont much care to find out. i dislike wayne brady so much that im just going to post a picture of little richard circa 1975 here, to placate my rage against wayne brady: