24 february 2003.1048pm

today i bought "capri" pants, but since im blessed with a 26 inch inseam, they fit me like normal pants. all you tall people can just go straight to hell. ill never know the comfort of pants that arent hemmed at least six inches. theyre good pants, though. i look like im ready to go to the club and throw some bows.

i should just give up the indie rock lifestyle and be hip hop. i have enough lowcut shirts and tight pants to be a ho. and i could get a fine brotha who wears a tracksuit and iced out bling that spells out his name, and he'll have a plaitnum grill and my name tattooed on his neck. ill be his special lady and he'll buy me gucci linens and louis vuitton luggage and baby phat clothes. and we'll have freaky sex in his escalade while listening to ludacris and 50 cent.