26 august 2003.1249 am

tonight i spent Quality Time with my mother and watched "the banger sisters." yeah, i cant believe i watched it either. then we watched a documentary on pbs about people in mental institutions in new york city. this was a good choice to watch because i like documentaries and mom likes to watch "all the crazies schatizching around!" her words. if youre at my parents' house long enough you realise that theres an entirely different vernacular happening and you'd better pick it up. i think it has something to do with being portuguese but im not quite sure.

also if youre male and at the house enough, dad will put you to work, usually moving stuff. it doesnt matter if you have the body of a nine year old girl, there will be a time when dad will come in the room, point at you [because while he knows who you are, dad doesnt neccessarily remember your exact name] and say something like, "you need to help me install the new hot water heater." no asking, just issues a straight command. i think it has something to do with not having any sons but im not quite sure.

in other news, i need a job, or a hobby, or something, because i spend all my time sleeping, sewing, reading, or making shit like this:

see also this.